Foot Orthotics and Shoes

Types of orthotics



Sports orthotics

Dress shoe orthotics

Yes, shoes can be both fashionable and practical!

Thanks to recent advances in shoe quality and orthotic design, it has never been easier to wear orthopedic shoes that are still stylish.

The secret is to choose the type of shoe that suits your physical condition and lifestyle, then have the pedorthist adjust them.

Of course, all MPC Footech shoe brands, including sandals, have removable interior trims that make it easy to insert custom-made orthotics.

In addition to foot orthotics and shoes, MPC Footech is pleased to offer a variety of ankle, knee braces, and back support, as well as compression stockings and more.


What is foot orthotics?
A foot orthotics is an orthopedic insole that, when inserted in the proper shoes, relieves foot pain stemming from pathologies, congenital malformations and injuries due to overuse or other causes.
Why is it preferable to wear custom-made orthotics?
Unlike regular store-bought soles, custom-made orthotics are medical-grade orthopedic insoles that support and gradually correct the position of your foot, muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones, so that everything works properly to enable you to walk pain-free.
Will I need more than one pair?
That depends entirely on your lifestyle. For instance, you won’t be able to use foot orthotics designed for running shoes in dress shoes, which are narrower. Since orthotics are designed for different needs, all you have to do is describe your lifestyle to us and how you plan to use the orthotics and we’ll take care of the rest.
How long do custom-made foot orthotics last?
That depends on your lifestyle and how you use them.
Do foot orthotics hurt initially?
No. Foot orthotics should not cause you pain or aggravate any current conditions you may have. However, it often takes a short terms to get used to new things and situations, so wearing foot orthotics may feel unusual at the beginning. If you experience any pain at all, contact your certified pedorthist immediately.

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